LEC Hacks

$5000+ in prizes!

Event Overview

Mission Statement: LEC Hacks is a virtual hackathon for high-school students worldwide hosted by Lynbrook Engineering Club. Through learning and competing about a variety of topics we hope to foster an interest in the field of engineering and encourage people to explore the various branches of engineering.

Location: Online via Discord (Join Here!)

When: Friday 11/18 @ 9PM PST to Sunday 11/20 @ 9AM PST

Theme: Wellness

Competitor Goal: Complete a project in line with this years theme and following one of our 5 tracks. The main objective is to push yourselves to create a new and unique project while learning new skills.

Competitive Tracks

Machine Learning

Projects submitted to this track must have at least one machine learning or artificial intelligence component or application in the final product. Be prepared to explain your machine learning components and how you implemented the to our judges in your demo video.

Web Development

Projects submitted to this track must be based on the web. Feel free to host your own web apps and be prepared to submit a demo of your projects to our judges!

Mobile App Development

Projects submitted to this track must be based on a mobile operating system. Be prepared to show the judges a demo of your projects project in action.

Game Development

Develop a game in any game engine of your choosing. Be sure to create a demo video of your game in action and/or submit a playable version of your game.


No restrictions! Submit any project you create, you have full creative freedom to develop anything of your choosing. Besides being school appropriate, the only requirement is to be related to the theme.



Nov 18th

9:00PM - Opening Ceremony

10:00PM - Game Time

11:00PM - Hacking Begins

Nov 19th

10:00AM - Workshop #1

12:00PM - Team Check-in

2:00PM - Workshop #2

4:00PM - Workshop #3

6:00PM - Workshop #4

7:00PM - Workshop #5

Nov 20th

8:00AM - Final Hour Reminder

9:00AM - Submissions Due

5:00pm - Results Released








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